31st March 2023

Dear Parents and Friends

We’ve made it to the end of another term and it’s hard to believe that when we return to school we will be in the final term of this academic year. Thank you for your support this term and for working with us to achieve the best for our children.

Royal Opera House

Years 1, 2 and some of year 3 attended an amazing ballet performance of Cinderella at the Royal Opera house on Thursday, 30th March.  My thanks to Ms Bickmore for organising the trip and to all the staff and parents/carers for accompanying the children.  It was a wonderful experience and one I am sure the children will remember for a long time.  They were so enthusiastic talking about the performance and many children felt inspired to want to become ballet dancers.  Members of the public were highly complementary of the children’s behaviour and impeccable manners.  Well done children you’ve done us proud again!

‘I like the Royal Opera House because it was fun and I loved the performance of Cinderella.  It had no talking or singing, which I didn’t understand at first.  But then I felt the dancing was so good it helped me to follow the story.  I would love to go there again’ – Jacob Y3

‘We travelled by bus to the Opera house and I liked the show because of the ballet.  The costumes were exciting, we saw a pumpkin flying across the stage.  The lighting and the music were dramatic and it was a bit confusing at first, but after a while it improved and I understood the story’  Mavaya Y3  

We loved the show and how Cinderella and the others were dancing ballet.  It made me really want to be on stage with Cinderella and dance with her.  I would love to be a ballet dancer when I grow up and I’ve asked my mum if I can join a dance club’  Learda  2J

‘ When my big sister was younger she was a student at the Royal Opera House.  I loved it when the dancers were carrying each other.  It looked hard, but they made it seem really easy. I liked the background on stage, it was nice and interesting.  There was a clock and the background kept changing.’  Isaac 2J

‘When Cinderella was working and her step sisters were being mean to her, it made her sad.  I liked when the Prince and Cinderella danced together.  At the end when all the dancers bowed, I thought it was excellent.  Before that everything was so good.  It made me want to go and see the ballet again.  I hope there will be a ballet for Alice in Wonderland’  Ananya 2O

‘I loved everything and they the Prince and Cinderella loved each other.  I liked the music it was exciting and great to listen to.  It was super noisy but in a good way.  I saw tambourines, a violin and drums.  It made me want to play an instrument and the dancers made me want to dance. Elia – 1S

Our football team triumph again

Congratulations to our brilliant KS2 football team who were triumphant, winning 1-0 against St Aidan’s School in Coulsdon.  It was a highly competitive match, but the team were determined not to drop a point.  They have qualified for the next round when they will play the Hayes School after Easter.

Stations of the Cross

Year 2 and 5 pupils led our Lent Assembly by taking us through each station as we journeyed with Jesus through each station.   Children read beautifully and shared a reflection and a prayer after each station.  They were reflective and engaged in quiet prayer.  Both services were moving and a perfect way to end the term.  Thank you, children, for always showing respect and understanding of everything we do.


Children may wear their summer uniform when we return after the Easter break.  Please remember our summer dresses are pink stripes and not checked.  Children should only wear PE kits on PE days.  If there is an issue with uniform please do  see me.  Do click on the following link to view our full uniform list. Uniform – St Josephs Federation

I wish you all a very happy Easter and hope that you enjoy the holidays.  Do remember that school opens on Monday, 17th April 2023 at 8.45 a.m.

RE Newsletter

This week’s question  to discuss with your child is;

Click on the following link to download an activity sheet for your child Activity Sheet

Mass Readings  for Sunday

Sunday Mass Readings for March 26th 2023, 5th Sunday of Lent, Year A

1st Reading                                    Isaiah  50:4-7

Responsorial Psalm                       Psalm 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24

2nd Reading                                    Romans 8:8-11

Gospel                                             John 11:1-45 

Headteachers award


Merit Certificates:

 At St Joseph’s we aim for at least 97% attendance. 

Year group  Merit Certificates  Overall Class Attendance
Nursery   Maria and Cressie  88%
RH  Emnet and Sofia  94%
RP  Shalom and Ailbe  92%
1E Whole class for a brilliant time at the       Royal Opera House  94%
1S /2O The whole class for an amazing trip  93%/91%
2J  Marie and El-Shaddai  93%
3S Axelle and Aisha  96%
3T Sidona, Sulyana and Ezekiel  91%
4J Euan and Bella  98%
4O Isaque and Storm  98%
5S Khyen and Luana  94%
5E Bella and Michael N  96%
6P    92%
6H    97%


Congratulations to the following classes for the highest attendance this week

Classes 4J and 4O

Mrs Fernandes


Summer term commences Monday, 17th April 2023  


This week’s photo montage
Year 3 Stations of the Cross