19th April 2024

Dear Parents/Carers,

It was wonderful to welcome you and the children back to school this week. The children settled back into their learning brilliantly and we have loved hearing about how they spent their Easter holidays.

This year, we have adopted a new approach to teaching Maths and our assessment data shows that this is having a positive impact on progress and outcomes across the school. Well done to Mrs LaTouche and Miss Longford-Jackson for leading on this.

This week the school dinners were much better. I would like to thank parents and children for their feedback which we continue to pass on. You may wish to encourage your child to try them next week. I have also been working with Pabuluum to introduce a pre-booking system so you can support your child in choosing their dinners at home. I hope that this is available to you by May.

On Friday we sent two teams to the Catholic Umberella Trust’s Girls Football contest. The girls had a great time and performed very well. Thanks to Mr Abraham’s for organising and Mr Abubaka and Mr Oates for taking them.

This weekend we have great events happening. Children will take part in the Mini Marathon on Saturday and Mr Abrahams will take part in the London Marathon on Sunday. We love participating in events that promote our health and show our social responsibility.

Next week, Jump Start Jonny will be at our school on Monday and doing workshops with our children! We are really excited about having at our school and the children are delighted that a real life celebrity will be working out with them.

On Thursday, we will be doing our sponsored Memory Mile. The response to this has been truly heart-warming and we are so grateful to you for your support.

This week two members of our school returned to us, Ava Fuller and Mrs Mangan. We were pleased to welcome them back to school and hope that they have an amazing summer term.

We hope you have an amazing weekend,

Mrs Ashley and The St. Joseph’s Team