Pupil voice

Pupil voice is a strength of the school and active in all year groups. Our children are encouraged to be independent thinkers with the confidence to express their opinions and ideas.

Children from Nursery to Year 6 are nurtured to be articulate and play an active part in school life. Pupils are empowered to know their views will be heard and contribute to school development. We believe that pupils should play a big part in the decisions that affect their learning, wellbeing and school life.

Our girls met with leadership to discuss uniform and were instrumental in leadership agreeing to girls wearing trousers to school. Pupils were involved in the planning of our adventure playground area and met with designers to present their ideas. It gave them the opportunity to learn about budgeting, expenditure, income and how ideas can be put into practice.

We have numerous pupil committees: Senior Pupil Leadership Team, Curriculum Leadership Committee, School Council, Peer Mediators, School Captains, Apostles of Mercy and Playground Pals. Children are elected by their peers and senior pupil leaders participate in a rigorous interview process, requiring them to present on a school project of their choice. Our children thrive on debate and knowing that they can and do make a difference.

All pupils know their voice will be heard and feel confident to approach school leaders to discuss ideas. Pupils have set up a range of lunchtime clubs, e.g. chess, board games, art, design and technology, sports and maths challenges.

Our decision making is guided by pupil voice because we believe that when pupils are involved, their learning outcomes will be strong.