St Joseph’s school uniform can be purchased from School Wear United (Crown Dale, less than 100m from the school) and Hewitts (Central Croydon).

Since 2019, St Joseph’s has taken active steps to make our uniform more affordable and better value for all our pupils. We took into account feedback from parents regarding cost, availability, quality and fit as well as maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our uniform suppliers so that we are aware of changes in the wholesale market, which may impact price and availability.

We are pleased to say that St Joseph’s is fully compliant with the Department of Education’s statutory guidance (released 19 November 2021) regarding the cost of school uniforms:

  • We have limited the number of branded items to our jumper, PE t-shirts and school bags
  • We permit parents to buy generic items (trousers, socks, shirts, scarves, gloves) as long as they match the school colours
  • We have worked with our suppliers to reduce the cost of our jumpers and summer dresses as well as improving their durability and fit
  • We encourage our suppliers to offer online purchasing of uniforms as well as the ability to spread payments over a period of time
  • We purchase a school jacket (our most expensive item of uniform) for our FSM-eligible pupils when they first become eligible or join the school
  • We offer second-hand uniform (donations made by parents and the PTA) at no cost to any pupil who needs it
  • We do not have a ‘cash-back’ arrangement with our uniform suppliers
  • By having more than one supplier, we also ensure there is always competition in the market for our uniform

If you have any query regarding our uniform, or wish to access second-hand uniform, please email Mrs Standen (School Business Manager) on [email protected].


School Wear United

Address: 3 Crown Dale, London, SE19 3PB

Opening hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Phone number: 0844 740 1983 or 020 8655 7373

Website: www.schoolwearunited.co.uk


Address: 45-51 Church St, Croydon,  CR9 1QQ

Opening hours: 09:30 am to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday

Phone number: 020 8680 4555

Website: www.hewittsofcroydon.com