Breakfast and Afterschool Care

Our Aims

At the Breakfast and After School Club (BASC), our aim is to provide high-quality wraparound care within a safe, warm and welcoming environment. The individuality of each child in our care is respected and nurtured. We are committed to ensure that children enjoy their activities. We work closely in partnership with the School and Parents.

Our Services

  • Breakfast Club

    7:30am – Start of School

    We provide a healthy breakfast that allows children to have preferences. They will have an opportunity to look over their school work, read, colour, draw, or play a board game.  

    Infant children are escorted to their classrooms/queues.

    Junior children independently make their own way to their respective classrooms/queues.

  • After School Club

    From end of school – 6:00pm

    At the end of school your child will be met by a club staff:

    Infant children will be collected from their classes.

    Junior children will be asked to make their way to the club hall.

    The same procedure applies if your child has an after-school activity club beforehand (e.g. Football)

    The club provides a healthy snack at 4:00pm, usually cold or warm, along with fruits, fresh vegetables and drink of water, juice or milk.

  • Homework Club (From January 2021)

    From end of school – 4:30pm (Monday to Thursday)

    Junior children will be asked to make their way to the library in the junior school.

    They can bring a snack if they wish.

    We strive to extend students beyond the curriculum and into advanced work that will challenge them as well as bringing everyone up to speed.

    We aim to help prepare pupils for their 11+ entrance exams for grammar, independent and state secondary education.

    We provide specialist and focused tuition in Maths, English and Verbal reasoning

The BASC is independently operated by Mrs Stephanie Odewale and is staffed by qualified professionals.

We are Ofsted registered to provide out-of-school care for children aged 5 to 11, exclusive to the children of the Federation of St Joseph’s Junior, Infants and Nursery Schools.

The BASC was established in September 2011 and is located on the grounds of St Joseph’s Federation (Garden Hall).

Mrs Stephanie Odewale
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07469 929311
Address: St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School, Woodend, SE19 3NU