Sports & PE at home

As part of the Government’s “School Sport and Activity Action Plan”, children are encouraged to do 30 minutes of physical activity in school and 30 minutes at home on a daily basis.

This is even more important when spending long periods at home, remote learning.

At St Joseph’s we follow a wonderful scheme called ‘Get Set 4 P.E.’. This scheme allows our teachers to deliver outstanding lessons in a range of sports and physical activities. Each lesson plan has progressive activities that are designed to inspire and engage your pupils, allowing them to explore and develop skills and embed knowledge. The lessons are accompanied by supporting resources including resource cards, skills videos and music. Teaching points appear throughout to help teachers with their subject knowledge and differentiation tasks provide activities with simple changes to appropriately challenge all of your pupils.

We have collated on this page a number of high quality activities, which parents can do at home together with our  children.