St Joseph’s Stories

St Joseph’s is a family.

If you are thinking about joining us, we invite you to learn about our past pupils, staff, Governors by reading their stories below.

Past Pupils

View can-doer: Jeremy


I have attended St Joseph’s ever since nursery and I have greatly enjoyed my time here. It is an exceptional school which has nurtured a large range of different children with different personalities to achieve their full potential, thus living amazing lives. I enjoy swimming and cricket and my favourite subject is Maths as it challenges my brain and gives me a whole new look for problem-solving. I love to read as it takes me into my own world of imagination.

I worked really hard to get offers from five fantastic independent schools as well as one leading grammar school, all in South London. It was difficult to make the decision but I am pleased to say I shall be attending Dulwich College from September 2022.

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My name is Misha and I am the Head Boy for St Joseph’s. I have been here since Nursery and I have an older sister and younger brother; all of us went to St Joseph’s. I enjoy maths, chess, football and fencing. I was part of the school quiz team which came second overall in the national finals.

I am going to Whitgift School for secondary school. I had offers from five other excellent independent schools including an academic scholarship, but I really liked Whitgift’s range of extra-curricular activities, spacious grounds and learning facilities.

View can-doer: Samuel


My name is Samuel and I am Deputy Head Boy for 2022. I have represented St Joseph’s in football, athletics and cross-county and was part of the team which went won the Croydon Finals of the SportsHall Athletics. I am the youngest of four children and we all started at St Joseph’s in nursery; all of us were taught by Mrs Kelly!

Of the five independent schools which I received offers for (including one academic scholarship), I have chosen to go to Whitgift School, as I really think it will challenge me with its range of subjects and sports.

Staff and Governors

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Miss Bickmore

I started my teaching career at St Joseph’s, and after some time working for a school in North London,  I returned in 2020. I believe in nurturing within our pupils a life-long love of writing, not only because it is stimulating and enjoyable, but also to help them enthusiastically talk, perform and positively engage with a range of subjects across the curriculum. All of this prepares them well for the demands of secondary school.

Since 2021, I have led the use of The Write Stuff programme to really develop our students’ creative writing. The programme is carefully structured and learning is layered week by week, with children building up writing skills daily. I believe our young writers need to experience the world beyond the classroom and so throughout the school, you will find that each year group will visit a London theatre, and participate in a workshop or production at least once a term.

View can-doer: Mr Navarro

Mr Navarro

I was the School Business Manager from 2019 to 2022 but I have been a parent since 2012 when my daughter joined St Joseph’s. All three of my children have attended St Joseph’s and of the two that have finished, they have both gone on to top independent secondary schools in London after receiving multiple offers and academic scholarships.

I think St Joseph’s has to be one of South London’s most sought-after primary schools – its combination of strong academic culture, expansive grounds and outdoor learning opportunities, as well as amazing heritage in sports is rare to find in the state sector. However, the best thing about St Joseph’s is its community – it is such a diverse, caring and inclusive family that I couldn’t think of a better place to send my children.



View can-doer: Elza


I joined St Joseph’s from reception in 2012, in Mrs Gresham’s and Mrs Leggett’s class.  At St Joseph’s, I represented the school in dance, quiz, cross-country, swimming, football and netball and in my final year, I was Head Girl.

Thanks to the excellent start I received at St Joseph’s, and a lot of hard work and study, I received offers from all four of the independent schools I applied for, including one academic scholarship. I chose James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS) in Dulwich as it had an excellent academic reputation, lots of extra-curricular clubs (especially music and drama) as well as amazing sporting facilities. Outside of school, I am a competitive rhythmic gymnast and I hope to have a career in film or on stage after I finish university.

View can-doer: Diego


My family and I have been part of St Joseph’s for many generations. I attended 25 years ago and members of my family today are currently enrolled within the school. This connection of heritage and loyalty to the grass roots helped build my foundation and the principles I stand by today, and inspired me to reconnect with the school.

After a career within the luxury retail sector, working within management for iconic brands such as Harrods, Helmut Lang and Belstaff, I now pursue my passion for fine coffee as an independent businessman, running my own business, The Native Son. I have a passion of working with my hands, whilst building relationships within the community, and am focused on embracing each day and making the most of every moment.

View can-doer: Patrick


I attended St Joseph’s between 1953 and 1959. My Dad was parent fundraiser for the school. He used to run all sorts of events including a weekly bingo session! There were 5 children in our family. We all passed the 11+ and went to grammar schools. Something that my mum and dad attributed to the school and Mr Brennan and the education we received from wonderful teachers.

I then went on to become a teacher and was Headteacher of Our Ladys school in Limehouse, East London for many years. I modelled my style of headship on my wonderful experiences at St Joseph’s, making it a home from home for everybody.