We nurture our pupils to understand that they play an important role in the school and wider community. They know their contributions can positively impact others.

Current affairs is a key part of our curriculum and pupils debate news topics with enthusiasm and interest. We want our children to be informed, articulate young people who are secure in the knowledge that their ideas will be heard.

Citizenship is integral to our school ethos and we prepare our pupils for life in an ever-changing world. Christs’ teachings of respect, tolerance and forgiveness underpin British values and are promoted through our curriculum. We prepare our pupils for the experiences and opportunities they will experience in later life.

At St Joseph’s children know they have a responsibility for caring for others and the environment. As part of our enriched curriculum, children engage in ‘Enterprise’ and set up businesses to generate funds. They learn about managing budgets, income and expenditure. A percentage of their income is donated to their chosen charity, to a whole school project and to whatever they want to improve for their own class. Children can see the positive difference their actions have on others.

The children love the opportunity to be challenged, reflect, question, debate and assess risk. We actively encourage child-led discussion and opportunities to promote critical thinking. We are very proud of our children and they are proud of the school. Our curriculum is all about the children and empowering them to be aspirational, with self-belief and with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of being safe, healthy and responsible. Our children are our future and we believe the future is bright because of our young people.