Celebrate our diversity

At St Joseph’s, we are fortunate to have a diverse community and together we celebrate our heritage and culture.

One of the most engaging topics in our curriculum is ‘Our Heritage’ where children learn about significant people in the past and present who have positively impacted on our world. Leaders such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg and Martin Luther King.

A highlight of our school calendar is ‘International week’. Parents come into school to share memories of their childhood and cultural heritage. Children are immersed in activities where they discover about cultural traditions, different cuisines and living in other countries. At the end of the week, we host a shared supper, where families cook traditional dishes and share them with the school community. This year we have begun to compile a cookbook of recipes from around the world, which will continue through the year and which we hope to publish in the summer.

At St Joseph’s, we are proud of our multicultural family and see it as a strength of the school. We value our differences and see them as common interests that unite and develop our understanding of others’ perspectives. We use texts that represent the diversity of our community and world and promote pupil engagement.

We believe that in celebrating diversity, we challenge stereotypes and help people to understand cultural differences and similarities, so promoting greater unity.

St Joseph’s is a global family, unique and loved.