Welcome to St Joseph’s Juniors

Welcome to St Joseph’s Juniors

Pupils enter the juniors with confidence and the secure knowledge that they will be nurtured to achieve their full potential. Their wellbeing and safety is key to ensuring strong results.

Our school values of compassion, tolerance and respect are visible through pupil engagement. Pupil voice is powerful, they are confident that their voice is heard but know they have the responsibility to show respect and tolerance. Pupil committees contribute to school development.

Our curriculum builds on previous skills covered. Our young people are presented with opportunities to challenge and support where necessary, whilst encouraging pupil initiated learning. Pupils understand they are equally responsible for their learning and success.

They are informed about current affairs and secure in the belief that their actions and choices can impact on their local and wider community. They are St Joseph’s pupils but global citizens.

We achieve high standards in reading, writing and mathematics but, recognise that our children need to experience a broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating history, geography, science, technology, languages, P.E, music art and design.

They engage in learning outside the classroom, through school visits, motivational speakers and workshops, and our individual ‘Enterprise’ curriculum, promoting life and critical thinking skills.

Passion, self-motivation and resilience are qualities we instil in our pupils to support high aspirations for everyone. Our pupils are happy, motivated and care about their school.

We learn and grow together, reflecting, invoking change when needed and committed to our motto of ‘Together We Can, With Christ By Our Side’.