Welcome to St Joseph’s Nursery

Welcome to St Joseph’s Nursery

Our Nursery is a place where children begin their learning journey of awe and wonder. Our children’s emotional security and personal development is always our priority and they are nurtured to be independent, confident learners. Our environment is stimulating to encourage enquiry, imagination and inquisitiveness.

We offer up to 30-hours of childcare (0900 to 1500, Monday to Friday) per week, during term time (38 weeks). Our recently redecorated nursery building is located at the heart of the school and has its own indoor and outdoor play area, complete with enclosed playground, plentiful storage for toys as well as a fertile gardening area.

We have two intakes for nursery: January (if spaces available) and September. Your child must turn 4 years old during the academic year in which they are admitted.

Children play and learn together, developing reading, writing, and maths skills, with an understanding of the world around them. Together they learn how to keep safe, to work as a team, valuing and respecting each other. Children are happy and love being in school, learning and exploring together. They know they are valued, loved and cared for and encouraged to aim high, dream big and reach for the stars.

Every nursery-age child is entitled to 15-hours per week for free, regardless of their parent’s working or tax status.

If you wish to enrol for our 30-hours per week provision, you have several options:

  • If you work and your household income is less than £100,000, you could be eligible for 30-hours free childcare (click here to check your eligibility). If you are eligible you will get an 11-digit code, which you must provide to the office before the start of the term to secure your place; or
  • You can pay for the additional 15 hours yourself; our Nursery fees are a very competitive £20 per afternoon session or £90 per week.

If you are paying for the additional 15 hours, we provide several options:

  • Tax-Free Childcare: If your household income is above £100,000, then you could still be eligible for Tax-Free Childcare (click here to check your eligibility). In this case the Government will contribute £2 for every £8 you pay (our provider ID is 50033893497); or
  • Childcare Vouchers: We accept Childcare Vouchers from Edenred (our provider number is P21307942), Sodexo (our Carer ID is 914544); or
  • Childcare Grant Payments Scheme: If you are studying, you may be eligible for help with your childcare costs (click here for more information). In this case, we accept Childcare Grant Payments (CGPS) and our provider number is CCG5979348. This covers 85% of the costs and you will have to pay the extra 15%