Outdoor learning

We are fortunate to be surrounded by extensive outdoor space and we utilise it to extend children’s learning beyond the classroom. Our large playing field is the venue for school and inter-school sporting events and competitions.

Over the years our Forest School has become a haven for curious learning, where children in all year groups explore nature and their environment as part of the science curriculum. It provides opportunities for cross-curricular learning in English and maths. Our younger children can be seen ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and looking for the infamous ‘Gruffalo’. Our older children use it as part of their science lessons and care for the environment.

More recently we have developed our outdoor areas into gardens. The Angel Garden in the Infant School has a bug hotel to attract natural wildlife and each year group has their own area for planting and caring for plants and vegetables. Junior classes also have their own gardens per class and compete to see who can be awarded the accolade of best garden area.

At St Joseph’s we are proud to take learning beyond the classroom to improve our knowledge and understanding and contribute towards creating a healthy and sustainable environment.