Personal, Social, and Health Education enables the children to develop key knowledge and skills to prepare them for living in our world. Children are nurtured to be confident young people with the resilience to cope with an ever-changing world.

At St Joseph’s, the children learn about various aspects of being healthy, keeping safe, positive relationships; assessing risk, and making good choices for themselves and others. It is key to the maturing process. Through our PSHE education, we aim to promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development alongside embedding British Values to empower children to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives. They are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of school life and are empowered to know their ideas will be listened to.

It is our duty to prepare the children to become responsible and confident participants of their wider community. Our working environment is one that offers security leading to responsible independence. Children know they are safe and there are people within the school that they can talk to.

We encourage our pupils to be confident young people who are aspirational but know they have a responsibility to show respect, tolerance and forgiveness. Our curriculum is engaging and above all relevant to equip our children with the skills to be successful.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills by exploring new ideas and differing views. They have the right to freedom of speech but know that comes with the responsibility to be respectful and understanding. Children have opportunities to develop positive personal attributes such as resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem and empathy.

The children love the opportunity to be challenged, reflect, question, debate and assess risk. We actively encourage child-led discussion and opportunities to promote critical thinking. We are very proud of our children and they are proud of the school. Our curriculum is all about the children and empowering them to be aspirational, with self-belief and with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of being safe, healthy and responsible.

Our children are our future and we believe the future is bright because of our young people.

Mrs C Phillips

Wellbeing and RE Lead