Learning at St Joseph’s takes us beyond the classroom. We believe that children benefit from a range of experiences and opportunities that will contribute to their development, knowledge and present and future aspirations.

Visits to other settings are an important part of achieving effective teaching and learning. We invest in day and residential trips.  Year 6 visited the War Museums to bring history to life. It was thought-provoking and generated debate about how every individual can impact on the present and future.

Teachers empower children to be thinkers and independent learners. We believe that teachers nurture independent learning and teach essential knowledge and skills to support, so there is great emphasis on pupil independence.  Our pupils drive their learning and teachers lead and support in the process. Lessons are organised to promote this vision so that our children challenge themselves but are confident to seek help when necessary.

Our staff know their children well as a result of working together as a team. Assessments inform teachers of pupils’ strengths and areas for development and support is provided where necessary. We aim for mastery for all children and fully recognise that children learn in a variety of ways and progress at different rates. Therefore, teaching at St Joseph’s is adapted to the class and individual so that every child makes at least good progress and achieves.

Pupils’  voice and outcomes inform teaching and our staff are skilled at delivering creative and engaging lessons with high expectations for everyone. Children contribute their ideas, debate opinions and learn together.