17th November 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

We started the week remembering those who had sacrificed their lives to that we can live. The Remembrance display in the Junior Hall, highlights what can be achieved with collaboration and hard work.

This week has been Wellbeing week across the Federation! The children have been learning about ways to keep their body and mind healthy and about ways to have positive relationships with themself and others. It was great to see them engaging in a range of tasks to explore their wellness.

To develop their love of reading the children have been going on library visits this term. Developing reading is still a huge focus for us this year. We want every child to be exposed to a range of texts and genres and we want to ensure that every St. Joseph’s child is a reader. Thanks to Miss Bickmore for arranging these for us all.

We have participated in the Into Film Festival which has enabled us to take our children to the cinema over the past couple of weeks. The children have represented our school wonderfully and it wonderful to provide them with cultural experiences beyond the classroom. Hopefully one of our children will be inspired to become an animation artist or film director of the future.

Children have been completing assessments this week. These will serve as a great way to capture their progress, identify targets and inform us about the next steps for your child. This year we have updated our technology and assessment practice. The children in Years 3, 4 and 5 used A.I. to complete some of their assessments! Our new system and approach to assessment will ensure more rigour and promote the use of data to enhance teaching and learning for all children. There has been a great team effort to get this underway, thanks to Mrs Winters for leading on this innovative change.

Jemima in 3T wrote the most reflective and touching prayer in her class’ Prayer Book, it was so moving It brought some teachers to tears! She had thoughtfully considered events in the world and our school, thanked God for what he does for us and asked Him for His intervention to make the world a better place. She shared her prayer in today’s celebration assembly and the children and team were left in amazement by both her aptitude, confidence and work- well done Jemima!

Next week an overview with all the Christmas dates and festivities will be sent to you all.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Ashley and the St. Joseph’s Team