13th October 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

It’s been a week packed full of great learning opportunities for our children.

A huge thanks to Miss Melo and Ms Luri, who took the 15 children who won our Geography project in the Summer to the BBC Live Experience! The children had a brilliant time and learnt lots of interesting facts. I wonder who will win this year’s competition.

The Year 4 children had a brilliant time at London Zoo, thanks to all the parents who helped with the trip giving up your time so that our children can learn safely beyond our school. Well done to the children who came back and completed the Headteacher challenge! So many stickers were given out to children who were able to tell me an interesting fact that I would have known. Daniel was able to tell me that ‘The dart frog is the most poisonous animals  in the world!’ I did my own research and discovered that if they are kept in captivity they become non-toxic.

The Year 2 and 5 children had Fencing sessions this week. It was wonderful to see them engaging in a less encountered sport.

Some children were selected to represent our school in a Rugby competition on Thursday. Even though they didn’t win the contest and its was rainy, they showed great resilience and team spirit. Thanks Mrs Mangan for organising.

A reminder that my Induction Mass is this Wednesday 18th October, 2pm at Virgo Fidelis Catholic Church. Archbishop John will be leading the Mass. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible – our first whole school mass of the year!

As such, there will be no School afterschool clubs on Wednesday.

I had a very productive meeting with the PTA this week, we are so blessed to have such a proactive PTA. If you would like to join or be a helper, please let one of them know or leave a message for them at the school office.

The firework tickets are selling fast. It was interesting to discover that the company who did the fireworks for the Olympics are the same company that does the fireworks for us! We are really looking forward to this event.

If anyone is CIA registered and can help with the event it would be greatly appreciated. We need one more person. Please let the PTA know via their email address or the school office.

Meet the Leader is on Tuesday at 2.30pm, 4.30pm and 6pm. We do hope to see you at one of the sessions.

There are people in our school community who are unwell. We are praying for them daily, please join us in doing the same.

May you and your family have a good weekend,

Mrs Ashley and the St. Joseph’s Team