Alumni visit (17 June 2022)

It was a pleasure to welcome back many Alumni visiting the school today.

They had a chance to watch 5S’ assembly and have a tour of the school led by our young leaders and observe lessons. We received so many positive comments about the school, staff and children who talked about St Joseph’s with pride.

Among the many who visited was Patrick, a retired Headteacher, who attended the school in the 60’s and is now a tutor for trainee teachers at St Mary’s College. He was highly complimentary, as was another alumni, Mark, who attended in the 80’s. Mark was impressed with the quality of the assembly led by 5S and felt that our children clearly have the qualities to excel in a range of professions.

We have received numerous compliments and support from our Alumni throughout our 150th year, and though some of them were unable to attend today, they hope to attend our end-of-year Mass on the 18th July 2022 and the Colour Fun Run on the 2nd July. We enjoyed hearing about their experiences of their time at St Joseph’s school and how they would love to continue to be part of our community by attending future events, even once we’ve completed our 150th Anniversary calendar.