An introduction to teaching and learning at St. Joseph’s

The curriculum at The Federation of St Joseph’s Catholic Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools is rich, varied and balanced. It provides our pupils with the opportunity to excel. All our pupils follow the national curriculum and complete statutory tests and tasks at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2. The school collects baseline information on entry to Reception class and tests children in Y1 in phonics (phonic screening)

Supporting every subject area is necessary. Our school is well resourced and allows learning to take place in many areas of the school. We skillfully scaffold and support learning and in turn we enable our children to meet their potential.

The use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a vital part of all our lives. The school has good ICT facilities with Intranet and Broadband Internet access that allows the use of computers by all areas of the curriculum.

By concentrating on learning and teaching, the content of the curriculum and developing the skills necessary to understand and use knowledge, we believe that we prepare our children well for the next phase of their education and for secondary school.