Superbloom at St Joseph’s – Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and taking care of our Bees!

Thanks to Mrs Steen-Plomer and Mrs Tope, we been successful in securing wildflower seeds for both the Infants and Junior schools from the Tower of London Schools Superbloom project.

In Spring 2022, over 20 million seeds will be sown in the Tower of London moat, filling it with flowers throughout the spring and summer, creating a spectacular ‘Superbloom’.

Using the Tower’s specially created seed mix, our school will be designing its own display in harmony with the Tower, creating a new biodiverse habitat to attract wildlife and a space to celebrate the value of nature for our wellbeing. It’s a great way to get outdoors and work together to create something special for your communities to enjoy. Let’s get digging and spread joy to our school community by creating our own flower display.​

We will have the opportunity to book a free school visit to the Moat this summer.

It will be the perfect way to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and the arrival of our bees.

We anticipate the seeds to arrive in the next few week and hope we start planting in the last couple of weeks before we break up for Easter.

See below for pictures of the preparation works at the Tower of London. Stay tuned for developments at St Joseph’s!