Spring life at St Joseph’s

We have been blessed with new life at St Joseph’s this Spring, with a number of visitors coming to the school and giving our pupils invaluable lessons about life.

In January, we saw daffodils, aliums, siberiums and other bulb plants start to emerge around the school gardens with bright yellows, purples, whites and pinks

In February, our mini-ponds in Juniors saw their first frogspawn which subsequently developed into tadpoles…and soon frogs.

Also in February, Year 5 received their caterpillars which have just entered the cocoon stage…ready to emerge as butterflies in a few weeks time.

In March, new leaves started to sprout from our fruit trees in the Angel garden as well as their first flowers – we hope to be able to harvest raspberries, apples, pears, cherries, blueberries as well as strawberries in due course.

Finally, in April, reception and Year 2 received 10 eggs each, which under their care, hatched into 10 fluffy chicks (see video below).