8 January 2021

Thank you for working with us through what has felt like a long and cold week. The smile on the children’s faces coming into school has been a ray of sunshine through the wet mornings.

I am sure we all share the disappointment at not being able to open the school to all our community, but only to key worker pupils and other identified groups. Whilst it is difficult, it is to keep everyone safe and help move towards the time we can be together.


Google classroom and remote learning

You have been amazing at supporting with remote learning, despite technical hitches. Attendance at class zoom sessions has been high and it has been wonderful to see children. My thanks to all the staff for committing to this new style of learning; their energy and creativity has been impressive.

Thank you for taking time to complete the google survey form regarding purchasing computers. We are looking into suppliers who may be able to offer discounted computers should you wish to purchase your own.

Click here to complete the online survey form for computers

If you or anyone you know has computers no longer needed and would like to donate them to the school, we would be delighted to accept them, as we can reset them back to factory settings and delete all data, and pass on to families in our school who need devices. We have managed to organise the distribution of computers to many families in need and are sourcing more devices.

Please note that to access online learning, all you need is a simple computer / device with an internet browser for zoom sessions and google classrooms. You do not need a camera  – you just need to see and hear the teacher delivering the sessions. So long as the teacher can hear you, that will be absolutely fine.

Please remember to check Google classroom for all learning activities set. Your child must turn in work by the deadline set. Details for zoom sessions are on google classrooms. Should you have any technical issues, or cannot find your login and password details, kindly email [email protected]


Celebration certificates

Congratulations to the whole school on your amazing remote learning. Congratulations must also go to all the children who have come into school, happy, smiling and ready to engage in some fabulous learning! It just goes to show we live out our motto ‘Together We Can

Staff have chosen a few children who have stood out this week and awarded them a ‘Golden Certificate’. Certificates will be sent to you via your email addresses. Well done St Joseph’s, you always do me proud !

  • Nursery – Khali, Elijah and Peter
  • Reception – Maria, Osiris and the whole of Class H for outstanding participation and learning
  • Y1 – Elijah, Leorah, Sophia and Jacob
  • Y2 – Emmanuel, Marinela, Ayden and Erin
  • Y3 – Estella, Rafael and all Y3 parents and children for their enthusiasm
  • Y4 – Amara, Pison, Imole and Louis
  • Y5 – Blessing, Misha, Simao and Lucia
  • Y6 – Clara, Tobias, Carla and Frank


Family support

It is a difficult time for everyone and we are here to help you. If you are experiencing difficulties, please email me on [email protected] and information shared will be dealt with in confidence. If your financial position has changed, you may be entitled to free school meals status, so please do email the office on [email protected] and they will be able to help you.

We will be contacting all FSM parents next week with details regarding further support during lockdown.


Teaching rota 

Starting from Monday, 11th January, class teachers will be in school on a rota basis for up to two days a week. Children not in school will continue to be taught remotely and the format followed this week will continue, with face to face sessions three times during the day. Children in school will be also be taught by a teacher and support staff.

Click here to see the school timetable from 11 January 2021

Year group teachers will share the teaching in school and on Friday, the last remote teaching session will be in the morning – there will be no afternoon zoom sessions on a Friday but children will be expected to follow activities set. Children in and out of school will cover foundation subjects.


Keeping in touch

We miss seeing all the children together and school is not the same without you all here. I would love to receive messages and photos of you and your home learning and if you are happy, I can post them on our website and add them to my next week’s newsletter. Sharing your photographs and messages in the last lockdown brought us all together. So please email them to me at: [email protected].

I wish you all a happy weekend. Take care and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom over the week.

Mrs L Fernandes