15 October 2021

Food is maybe the one universal thing that has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, all around the world people get together to eat’ – Guy Fieri

Thank you to everyone who contributed traditional dishes to our shared meal. It was wonderful to see a banquet full of delicious food from around the world. The event held after school on Wednesday, 13th October 2021 was a great success. Parents, children and friends came together to sample the delights and share recipes.

My thanks to Ms Ugbo, Mrs Miscia and Ms DeMelo for organising the event. It has always been one of the highlights of our school calendar and we were delighted to be able to host it again. Please remember to email me your traditional family recipes to include in our school cookery book: [email protected]

Pupil Leadership hope to organise the book and have printed copies to sell. A perfect Christmas present. However, it can only be possible if we have sufficient recipes.



Pupil report on the shared meal – Lilly & Kai

On Wednesday, 13th October, we held a food festival in the junior hall to celebrate ‘Our heritage’ topic. Families donated food from different countries and lots of people from our school community came to enjoy tasting the food. Our school steel pans club performed on stage and everyone was happy to listen and share a meal together. It was great to see everyone involved and no one felt left out. It was the best day so far and lots of people had fun (Lilly)

Share a meal day was fascinating for all of us. The event was exhilarating and everyone had a blast. It was a crucial moment for the steel pan performers as they worked up the confidence to perform for the first time. The food was extraordinarily scrumptious. It stunned me. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, in fact, it made me feel giddy with excitement the best thing about it was that it put smiles on so many people’s faces, it enlightened my day. The purpose of the festival was to educate people about their heritage and to introduce people to different cultures. It gave me a chance to identify different country’s cultures and traditions. (Kai)


Nasal flu vaccination form

Please do read the following information on the Nasal Flu vaccine. I have included it in every newsletter for the past three weeks as it is vital that you read it to be fully informed.

Any questions please do email me on [email protected]

The nasal flu vaccine will be offered to all school-aged children and will be delivered in school on the 8th of November. It will be administered by NHS nurses in school but only if you have consented to it.

Register your consent online by clicking here
Click here for the NHS letter with further information

It is important to be fully informed before making your decision.



Class assemblies

6H led a wonderful assembly around diversity and celebrated the rich cultures of our school community.

Thank you to all parents and friends who attended. I was delighted that we were able to welcome you into school to celebrate with your children.

Next week will be 6P’s assembly.


Key dates for events are as follows

Please note that all  these events are also on the school calendar on our website

  • 20.10.21 – National costume day
  • 21.10.21 – Harvest Assembly – Apostles of Mercy 11.00 Infants 11.30 Juniors (Fr Anthony)
  • 22.10.21 – 6P Class Assembly (our heritage) – Parents welcome
  • 25.10.21 – 29.10.21 – Half term week
  • 01.11.21 – 2nd Half of Autumn Term begins
  • 03.11.21 – St Joseph’s Firework Display – 6.00 p.m. start
  • 04.11.21 – Thursday, 3S Class Assembly – Parents welcome
  • 11.11.21 – Thursday, Class 2O Class Assembly (Remembrance Day) – Parents welcome
  • 12.11.21 – 3T class assembly (World Science day) – Parents welcome
  • 18.11.21 – Thursday, Class 2J Assembly (Anti-bullying) – Parents welcome
  • 05.11.21 – Y4, 5 and 6 Trip to the Royal Opera House (Giselle ballet)
  • 19.11.21 – 4J class Assembly (Anti-bullying) – Parents welcome
  • 25.11.21 – Year 1 collective assembly (Advent)
  • 26.11.21 – 4O class Assembly (Advent)
  • 03.12.21 – 5E class Assembly (Celebrating diversity) – Parents welcome
  • 08.12.21 & 9.12.21 – Infant Advent Assembly (S&O J &E) – Parents welcome
  • 10.12.21 – 5S class Assembly (Human rights – respect, freedom of speech, tolerance/understanding)  – Parents welcome
  • 14.12.21 – EYFS Advent play
  • 15.12.21 – KS2 Advent Service – Virgo Fidelis (10.00)



Tag Rugby Tournament

Mrs Mangan and Ms Mangan accompanied a group of year 6 children to the Tag Rugby tournament at John Fisher School. It was a new experience for the team and despite only having a few sessions to practice, they did brilliantly, showing determination and resilience. They displayed our school values and did St Joseph’s proud.

Pupil’s report to follow next week.



STEM meeting

Ms Maryline Guyonvarch-Tyler and Ms Sophie Baccolini, construction project/contract managers from Built by ITC spoke to junior children on 14 October 2021 about their roles and the people and things that inspired them to enter this profession.

They are currently working on several major construction projects in the local area, including the redevelopment of the former GP practice on Crown Dale.

They gave a clear insight into their jobs and children were enthralled to find out about her work. They certainly inspired many of our pupils, particularly girls to think about a career in this area. Some of our pupils had lunch with them and had the opportunity to ask more questions. The clear message was, with hard work, resilience and determination, everything is possible.

Pupil feedback – Kyla, Louie, Serene, Mhreteab, Holly

On Thursday, 14th October two visitors from Built ITC spoke to us about their jobs and all the skills needed to carry out those jobs. They showed us designs of the new GP surgery in Norwood. It was really exciting and we got to find out about building managers actually do. There’s a lot of maths, science and designing involved. They were impressed with the questions asked by year 5 and said, ‘we’re really impressed with your enthusiasm and excellent questions’

We were actually surprised at how much planning is involved before building. We looked at blueprints and got to know that building is not just about putting concrete and bricks on the ground but you have to make sure that everything is stable and done properly. They talked about electricity and all the important jobs that need to be done.

The ladies were really interesting and inspired many of us to do jobs like this. Quite a few of the girls are now thinking about becoming architects and electricians, because it looks like an interesting and exciting job to do. We think Sophie and Maryline inspired us and we hope they will inspire others too when you read this blurb. Enjoy the photos, some of us got the chance to wear some of the PPE that needs to be worn on site.



Parent/teacher contact evenings – Tuesday, 19th & Thursday, 21st October

The booking system is now open and a text with the booking link was sent early this week. If you do not have it please contact the office.



Online safety

It has come to my attention that some children have individual WhatsApp and Snapchat accounts. Please remember that there are age restrictions for most online platforms. It is vital that you monitor your child’s use of online platforms to ensure they are safe and not posting inappropriate comments.

Please do look at the advice from the NSPCC

Some children have been discussing and re-enacting some of the content on a Netflix show ‘Squid game’. Not only is it inappropriate for primary school children, but the content promotes aggressive behaviour. Please carefully monitor your child’s access to programmes and contact us if you have any concerns.

Please see Mrs Gallagher’s letter



Harvest Collections

Thank you for the many items already contributed to our harvest assembly. All items will be delivered to the Norwood and Brixton food bank next Friday and will be distributed to the homeless and those in need of help.

Your generosity is much appreciated and makes a difference in many lives.


Secondary school open days

The Laurels will be holding an open morning tour on Tuesday, 16th November 2021. We have been very fortunate this term to have had the support of the Laurels’ sixth form students working with our students, so if you are interested in a girls school for your child, please click on the link below.

Laurels School 



Fireworks night – Wednesday, 3rd November 2021

Tickets are selling fast so please do not delay in purchasing them. Ticket sales will be closed on Sunday, 24th October 2021, so do purchase your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Tickets will not be sold at the gate

Prices are as follows:
£6.00 per adult (16 years and above) ; £4.00 per child (aged 3 -15 years). All children must be supervised by an adult who also has a ticket. Please do not leave your children at the gate and expect staff and / or volunteers to supervise them during the evening – we expect over 1,000 people at St Joseph’s that evening so please be sensible.

Click here to buy your tickets

Food and refreshments will be on sale, together with an array of glow bands and other illuminated accessories. You are not permitted to bring your own fireworks (e.g. sparklers). Alcohol is also not permitted, under any circumstances. Similarly for cigarettes or e-cigarettes as our entire site is a smoke-free zone. We will provide temporary toilets by the lower gates in the Infant playground (portaloos by Crown Dale). Other than for disabled guests, there will be no access to the school buildings or school toilets, other than into the Infant Hall, to buy food.

Marshalls will be on duty throughout the evening.

Please do email the PTA on [email protected] if you are able to help on the day; we need lots of volunteers.

If you have bought tickets, the wristbands will be available for collection from the PTA during the parent / teacher contact evenings on 19 and 21 October, between 3:15 pm and 5:30 p.m.  Please do not ask the office for your wristbands as we do not have them.

The PTA will also be selling tickets via their card machines during the parent / teacher contact evenings.



Steel pan lessons for all

Pandemic Steel Orchestra are St Joseph’s local steel pan experts who have been teaching our pupils since the start of our academic year.

They are launching adult lessons at St Joseph’s from next week and are offering two taster sessions for free on Monday 18 October 2021 (5:30 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.) and Wednesday 20 October 2021 (5:30 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.)

The weekly lessons are for ages 7+ and will be held at the Infant Hall, St Joseph’s Infant and Nursery School, SE19 3NX.

Click here for details on the orchestra and how to join



Clubs – 2nd Half of the Autumn term

Bookings are now open to all pupils from Reception to Year 6. From next term, clubs will incur a nominal charge of £1 per session (total of £7.00 for the term). Money raised will go towards purchasing resources. Clubs run by external coaches will cost £6 per session.

Click here for Mrs Gallagher’s letter on clubs



Time to write

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

I have seen some excellent writing from children in their ‘Time to write’ homework books. It is a whole school initiative and aims to provide a chance for children to apply writing skills to a piece of creative or factual work.

Please spend time talking to your child about their work and do add comments in their book. It is an effective way to support your child and work together. Teachers will respond to your comments and engage in dialogue with you.

Please see the following links with ideas on how you can develop your child’s writing skills:

Oxford Owl
The School Run
Cheltenham Festivals  – Reading Pupils


Last week’s newsletter included information about reading for pleasure.

Strong writers are always children/adults who read extensively. Every child is nurtured to read as a writer and write as a reader.

Do try to read the following blog



Half-term ideas

With half-term almost upon us, we thought we would share with you a number of ideas for half-term clubs (sports, dance and activities) which are happening in our area.

Ankle Groovers – Half-term fun days with a live DJ (ph: 07389 193005)
Camp AllStars – Multi-activity camp (ph: 07983 818192)
Herne Hill Harriers  – Athletics (ph: 07721 555688) 
Trinity School – Rugby Course (follow the link on the flyer)
Trinity School  – Hockey Course (follow the link on the flyer)
Trinity School  – Cricket Course (follow the link on the flyer)
Palace for Life – Girls Only Soccer School (ph: 02087686047)

Please note that these clubs are run by external providers and are not linked to the school in any way – even where they hire our facilities – so please contact them directly to find out more about their provision (and not the school office).


Final thoughts

If you have missed any school letters or emails, please remember that all letters are saved on the school website so you can come back and read them again at any time.

Existing Parents > Parent Letters

The weather is becoming colder so please ensure your child wears their school coat every day together with their school jumper / cardigan. Please remember children should only wear school hats.

Unfortunately, I have to make yet another plea about parking. I have had to ask parents to move on Crown Dale and Bradley road as they were parked across drives and on grass verges, which restricted traffic. It was dangerous to all pedestrians and inconsiderate to residents.

It creates a negative impression of our school community and is not fair to the vast majority of parents/carers who always show considerations to others. Please note that you can always park on the quieter streets further up Crown Dale and just walk the rest of the way; it is a short amount to walk but why not use the time to speak to your children to prepare them for the day ahead?

Local residents have complained and so Croydon Council will be sending traffic wardens to issue parking fines starting next week. 

Have a wonderful week. It’s been a great half term having everyone back to school, one more week and you can have a restful half term break.

Best wishes

Mrs Fernandes


Click below for this week’s pictures.

Autumn term, week 6 pictures