Message of Support

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Hello Mrs Fernandes,

I hope you are ok and not worrying about the horrible virus. I have been very busy at home doing all the school work, making my  rainbow picture and also Mummy helped me make a dream catcher. Mummy is going to add a picture to this message so you can see my art work. This week we are making Easter cards and baking. Daddy also got me a new goal so I can keep playing football. Daddy is still at work because he is a site boss but we think it will shut soon. I hope so. I miss all my friends and my teacher, say hello to Mr Abrahams for me.

Stay safe Mrs Fernandes

(Mrs Fernandes response) Thank you so much for your lovely message and I am loving your pictures. I am going to put your pictures up on the website, I think your rainbow and dream catcher are just amazing and I’m sure your dreams will come true. I miss you and all the other children and I know all the staff miss you too.

I am glad to hear that you are keeping busy and you’re very lucky to have a new goal so you can keep playing football.  I know you are missing your friends, but just think of all the fun you will have when you see each other again. We can  have a big celebration when we get together.

Well done for completing your work.  Take care and give my love to your mum and dad.

Lots of love Mrs Fernandes xx