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Year Six Knowledge Organiser Curriculum Policy

Welcome to Year 6 at St. Joseph’s. We have a dedicated team of adults working with the children here to provide them with a friendly, nurturing, learning environment, which will enable them to reach their full potential. The Year 6 team consists of;

Class Teachers  

Miss O. McVeigh
Miss N. Bickmore

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M. Hardy
Mrs T. Burgess
Ms S. Marshall
Miss P. Woodhouse

Year 6 age related objectives

  • I can evaluate an author’s use of language and the impact on the reader
  • I can identify and evaluate the features of different genres
  • I can explain my reading preferences in terms of different genres
  • I can identify the features and structures of complex narrative
  • I can identify where there is a flashback in a story
  • I can use inferential evidence
  • I can summarise main ideas identifying key details
  • I can distinguish between fact and opinion
  • I can identify the features of biography or autobiography
  • I can identify the features of news reporting
  • I can recognise the structure and language features of both a persuasive argument and of a balanced discussion
  • I can identify how language and structure contribute to meaning in non fiction books and writing
  • I can discuss and evaluate the use of figurative language and imagery in a poem
  • I can identify the use of wordplay and powerful language in a poem about an important issue
  • I can use knowledge of morphology and etymology in reading and spelling to identify root words and add prefixes and suffixes
  • I can understand that the spelling of some words needs to be learnt specifically, (see the word list)
  • I can use dictionaries to check the spelling and meaning of words
  • I can use the first three or four letters of a word to check spelling, meaning or both of these in a dictionary
  • I can use a thesaurus
Year 6 Long Term Plan 2018-19 Year 6 Maths Long Term Plan

Spring Term Topics

Topic Map