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Welcome to Year 2 at St. Joseph’s. We have a dedicated team of adults working with the children here to provide them with a friendly, nurturing, learning environment, which will enable them to reach their full potential. The Year 2 team consists of;

Class O

Mrs L. Koranteng (Class Teacher)
Mrs J. Franklin (Teaching Assistant)

Class J

Mrs N. Carter and Mrs C. Stylianou (Class Teachers)
Mrs P. Hudson (Teaching Assistant)

Additional Teaching Assistants – Mrs U. Madine, Mrs J. Landy Freitas, Mr A. Foster and Miss E. Barrett

Other staff that work with Year 2 are; Mrs K. Foley-Brown and Miss C. Allery

Year 2 age related objectives

  • I can draw on what I already know
  • I can draw on information given by my teacher
  • I can read or listen to a story and show I understand
  • I understand how authors develop stories and characters
  • I can make inferences
  • I can see how events link together and predict what might happen
  • I can identify key features of instructions
  • I can understand a flow chart or diagram that explains a process
  • I can find the answers to questions and ask questions
  • I can read for information
  • I can identify different types of non fiction texts
  • I can read poems and find patterns and repeated language
  • I can read or listen to poems thinking about what the writer is saying
  • I can read or listen to poems talking about why I like them
  • I can read fluently because I know all my phonemes and recognise words quickly
  • I can read accurately by blending the sounds in words
  • I can read accurately words of two or more syllables
  • I can learn to read common words (see the word list)
  • I can read aloud books, tackling new words well
  • I can re-read these books fluently remembering the new words and confidence in word reading
  • I can write from memory simple sentences, dictated by the teacher
  • I can use the first letter of a word to check spelling or meaning  in a dictionary
 Year 2 Long Term Plan 2018-19
 Year 2 Maths Long Term Plan

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Curriculum Evening

Curriculum Information Presentation 2018-19