Welcome to Year 1 at St. Joseph’s. We have a dedicated team of adults working with the children here to provide them with a friendly, nurturing, learning environment, which will enable them to reach their full potential.

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In these difficult and testing times, St Joseph’s are committed to helping you and your child/children continue their education. Please click on the button below for all the learning materials prepared for your child’s class to use while we are closed.

Latest Year 1 News

The Year 1 Team

Class S

Mrs J. Swain(Class Teacher)
Mrs K Foley-Brown (Teaching Assistant)

Class E

Mrs D. Miscia x3 days (Class Teacher)
Miss D. Mitchell (Teaching Assistant)

Additional staff to work with year 1

Miss C. Allery, Mr J Lutchman and Miss F. Veneri  

Year 1 age related objectives

  • I can read a story with my teacher picking out key aspects
  • I can identify and discuss the title and key events
  • I can show I understand what has been read to me
  • I can draw on what I already know
  • I can draw on information given by my teacher
  • I can make inferences
  • I can predict what might happen
  • I know what lists, labels and captions are
  • I can identify instructions
  • I can use a dictionary
  • I can use reading skills to find the information I need
  • I can read information texts and find the answers to questions
  • I can identify fiction and non fiction books
  • I can read a poem
  • I can read a poem and identify where the writer talks about the senses
  • I can read or listen to poems finding out what they are about and joining in with repeated phrases
  • I can read a story with my teacher picking out key aspects
  • I know all my phonemes
  • I can blend the sounds to read new words
  • I can learn to read common words (see the word list)
  • I can read aloud books, tackling new words well
  • I can re-read these books remembering the new words.