Whole School Learn How To save A Life

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CPR Training Day

On Tuesday all our children from Reception to year 6 learned how to save a life! Reception were shown how to put someone in the Recovery position and years 1-6 were all shown how to do CPR. We were very lucky to have an amazing team of people to demonstrate and teach us how to do CPR effectively. The Junior Children were also shown the Defibrillator and how it works. Vicky (a Nurse) our PTA Chair was part of the team with Stacey Ann (a Nurse), Bhavika (a Doctor) and Tracy (a Paramedic) who is part of the Community Resuscitation Training Team. We would all like to say a big thank you for their help today, everyone learned so much. We have now started a fund for our own school Defibrillator so thank you to those that have contributed already. We will continue to fund raise for this worthwhile equipment.