The Magic Porridge Pot


Porridge spheres

In Reception they are learning all about the story The Magic Porridge Pot. In the story the pot overflows throughout the town and they have to use the porridge for many things. The children are making porridge spheres to help with their shape knowledge. They are learning to retell the story using the class story map and using the actions they are learning through our Talk for Writing approach.

The children were having so much fun!

Reception class P

We have been thinking about the story of The Magic Porridge Pot and the children have been making hats and moustaches like the characters in the story. We have been thinking carefully about forming our numbers to 10 and some children were photographed practising on the whiteboard helping each other. We have also been thinking about weight and capacity and have been doing some cooking, exploring these two areas of maths with the ingredients.

The children are also pictured enjoying and participating in a story in our book corner, joining in with the repeated words in the story and using expression!