Annual Overview of Learning Challenges

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 1. Which materials should the three little pigs have used to build their house?
2. Why isn’t everyone afraid of the dark?
1. Why are humans not like tigers? 1. Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our Forest School?
3. Where do the leaves go in Winter?
4. Why is the Wii more fun than Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?
2. Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole? 2. Why were …… and …… brave people? (Famous people)
3. Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?
Year 2 1. Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?
2. Where did that racket come from?
1. Which materials have been used to build our school? 1. How can I be like….. one day? (Famous sports person)
2. How can we grow our own salad?
3. What were the people that lived in Crystal Palace like 100 years ago?
4. What would Dora and Ben Ten find exciting about Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace?
2. Where would you prefer to live: England or Africa? 3. How have….. and…… helped to make the world a better place?
4. Why do we love to be beside the seaside?
Year 3 1. How can Usain Bolt move so quickly?
2. What do rocks tell us about the way the earth was formed?
1. How far can you throw your shadow? 1. How did that blossom become an apple?
2. What is attractive?
3. Who first lived in Britain?
4. What makes the earth angry?
2. Local history study – famous person. 3. Why has Greece always been in the news?
4. Why do so many people choose the Mediterranean for their holidays?
Year 4 1. Why is the sound that ‘One Direction’ makes enjoyed by so many?
2. How would you survive without water?
1. How could you cope without electricity for a day? 1. Which wild animals and plants thrive in Crystal Palace Park?
2. What happens to the food we eat?
3. Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them? 2. Why is London such a cool place to live and why is the Thames so important to London? 3. What would you have done after school if you lived 100 years ago?
4. Why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy?
Year 5 1. Can you feel the force?
2. Could you be the next CSI investigator?
1. Will we ever send another human to the moon? 1. Do all animals start life as an egg?
2. How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?
3. Why is Brazil in the news again?
4. Why should the rain forests be important to us all?
2. How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Egypt? 3. Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?
4. How could Hitler have convinced a sane nation like Germany to have followed him?
Year 6 1. What would a journey through your body be like?
2. Have we always looked like this?
1. Could Spiderman really exist?
2. How can you light up your life?
1. Could you ever be the next Nintendo Apprentice?
3. Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious?
4. Who were the Mayans and what have we learnt from them?
2. Will we ever see the water we drink again?
3. I’m a Year 6 pupil, can you get me out of here?