Music at St Joseph’s is thriving

We offer tuition in violin, cello, flute, piano, clarinet and saxophone. All the children who learn an instrument (including the recorder) take part in the annual concert in June, and once they have achieved the required standard they are invited to join the school orchestra.

We have a choir which performs at important events and presents a themed concert which includes poems and readings as well as songs. Any child who wishes to join the choir is very welcome.

And as an added bonus, Mr Abbs runs a jazz class here on Wednesday evenings. “Fascinating Rhythm” is a class for adults with good basic instrumental skills who wish to become familiar with reading and playing jazz rhythms and styles (including improvisation skills). They play twice a year at the Gipsy Tavern, with occasional additional performances.

If the children work hard they achieve a very good standard and are entered for external examinations.

Choir Singing our School Creed