St Joseph’s Infants Attendance Race

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We need your help!

Recently we have noticed that our attendance is dipping, as a school we will be working on improving this by making everyone involved aware. We aim to do this by;

  • Each week attendance % for each class will be shared with the children in assembly and a text message will be sent to parents.
  • The class with highest attendance rate will be awarded a star per week
  • The classes will work towards achieving 4 stars over the course of a month.
  • The class to reach 4 stars first will win a collective class prize and each child in the class will be awarded with a certificate for their effort to be at school every day.

The progress of your child’s class and the winning class will be displayed in the corridor by the school playground entrance for all to see.

Attendance is vital for all children’s success, academic progress and preparing them with skills for life. Therefore we expect that all children are in school and on time every day.

I am sure you will be supportive of this and support your child’s class in achieving the highest attendance rate