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After coming second for three years in succession St. Joseph’s finally made it through to the Croydon Borough Final which was held on 10th January 2017 at Royal Russell School. We were already one of the top 4 teams in Croydon just by making the Final but we did not rest on our laurels and went a step further by winning this competition and representing Croydon at the School Games on 23rd February 2017 at Carshalton Leisure Centre. This competition has qualifying rounds with the top three teams going through to the Schools Games at Crystal Palace. We were surprised to learn that our team needed to increase from 12 to 18 participants and that the events we had trained so hard for in the previous rounds were not the only events that would be held at this final. With only 3 weeks to train from learning this information and half term between the two events we set about putting together and training up our new team members. Incredibly we came 4th out of 8 teams at the event which was a fantastic result under the circumstances and also the furthest we have ever reached in this competition. Congratulations to all the participants who now proudly wear their School Games T shirts at school during PE and after school activities.