Safer Internet Day 2018

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As part of Safer Internet Day the children enjoyed assemblies relating to this years theme of ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you’.  In the infants they were told a story and the children responded well, I was amazed to see how many of them were engaging in online games and communicating via apps like ‘Roblox’. In Key Stage 2 our Digital Leaders acted out scenarios for each area of ‘create’, ‘connect’ and ‘share respect’, they did a great job which the whole audience enjoyed. We are also taking part in an anonymous online safety survey that is being carried out in over 150 countries worldwide. This has been prepared and distributed by with their partners Childnet, NSPCC and London Grid for Learning (LGfL). This is a great way to make our students aware of what they know, what they need to know and how to cope when things go wrong!  The aim of all of this is to empower all students to help make the internet a safer place. All Junior school pupils will complete the survey during February unless you have withdrawn your child.

Below you can see some examples of the good deed promises year 6 made to help make the internet a happy place to learn, communicate and have fun!

Please Click Here for our online safety page with useful tips for parents