Nursery ‘Finding Their Brave’

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The Nursery have been reading Be Brave little Penguin by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. We talked about being Brave

Blossom said, ‘I’m scared of deep water. Mummy is going to come in the water with me. I’m being brave.’

Bethel said, ‘I was brave at school I played with my friends.’

Persephone said, ‘I’m brave I sleep in my own bed’.

Jemima said, ‘I was scared of swimming without my noodle. I swimmed on my back I was scared for a little bit but then I was brave.’

Isaac said,’I like to sleep in Daddys bed if I’m scared, I’m brave I sleep in my own bed.’

Tiago said, ‘I don’t cry anymore when I come into nursery. I am brave.’

Ruben said, ‘I was scared of Buster then I pet him. I be brave’