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Some more updates from our children to share with you.
‘I have been busy with all the homework every week and trying to read for twenty minutes everyday. I am now reading a chapter book called Sandy Lane stables which is about a palomino pony. It is a lovely story so far. Yesterday with the help of my sister I baked banana muffins, they were yummy! This afternoon I am going to join a zoom call with some of the class which will be nice to see everybody. I am missing school but having fun at home, the beanstalk is growing in the garden. It is growing very nice so far. We go on lots of family walks with our dog and last week we found a fairy garden in the woods which was amazing. We also found a fairy door on a log, a wishing box and 2 fairy castles. Amazingly we persuaded mum and dad to let us camp in our garden last weekend which was a lot of fun but cold!

Year 2 were asked to be creative and follow recipes. Here are some amazing cakes they look delicious! Well done for following the recipes.