Welcome to the parental support page. Our aim is to provide you with information on local events to support your children. You can also find our map of parental engagement workshops and activities for this academic year.






The New Curriculum requires that schools no longer use the ‘Level’ system. Click the button above to find out how St Joseph’s assess and track pupil’s learning to ensure your child makes good progress throughout their time with us.

Progress Measures- Leaflet for Parents

St. Joseph’s Map of Parental engagement workshops and activities

After many successful opportunities last year for parents to engage in their child’s learning and be fully prepared partners with the school, we have prepared another exciting year of events. We hope you will plan which events to participate in and think about how you can support your child. The curriculum is more robust than ever therefore your child needs your full support. We listened to feedback and tried to offer accessible times

Map of Parental Engagement TBC







Online Safety Parent Presentation