Senior Leadership Team

Mrs T. Lawlor  Headteacher
Mrs L. Kelly     Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C. Finerty  Inclusion Manager (with responsibility for SEN, EAL and AG&T)
Mrs N. Carter   Assistant Headteacher

Early Years Team


Mrs A. Reid   – Lead Practitioner

Mrs M. TopeTeacher
Mrs M. Kelly  – Teaching Assistant


Class P

Miss N. Todd (Early Years Lead), Class Teacher

Miss N. O’Rourke – Teaching Assistant
Class H

Mrs J. Swain (Class Teacher) Mrs A. Reid – Early Years Educator

Miss T. Zengin – Teaching Assistant

 Mrs C. Perry – Early years Teaching Assistant
Additional Support  Mrs P. Barrett

Key Stage One Team

Year One

Mrs C. Stylianou  Class E Teacher
Mrs A. Pelliccia  Teaching Assistant
Mrs D. Miscia Class S Teacher (History and Geography Lead)
Mrs J. James  Teaching Assistant, Additional TA Support Mrs C Mulhern, Mrs U. Madine, Mrs J. Freitas

Year 2

Mrs L. Koranteng (Whole School Science Lead),  Class O Teacher

Miss D. Mitchell – Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Harrod (PSHCE-lead), Mrs K. Flegg  (Forest School Lead) Class J Teachers
Mrs P. Hudson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Franklin and Mrs C. Perry  Additional TA Support

Additional Staff

Miss C. Allery – Computing and Online Safety Lead (Whole School) PPA Cover
Mrs K. Foley – SEN Groups / Intervention, Learning Mentor, Subject Leader Release
Mr T. Kavanagh – PPA Cover and Sports Coaching
Mrs L. Krasnic – Dance Teacher


Key Stage Two Team

Year 3

Miss C. Goodwin – Class 3G Teacher
Mrs F. Langford Jackson- Class 3LJ Teacher
Teaching Assistants – Mrs C. Salter, Mrs T. Kelleher, Mrs D. Stewart, Mr A. Foster

Year 4

Mrs C. Phillips  Class 4P Teacher
Miss J. Martin  Class 4M Teacher
Teaching Assistants  Mrs N. Parry, Mrs C. De Jesus, Mrs M. Zengin, Mrs R. La’Val

Year 5

Miss N. Bickmore  Class 5B Teacher
Miss O. McVeigh – Class 5M Teacher
Teaching Assistants –  Mrs C. Oliver, Mrs S. Kalli, Ms S. Marshall, Mrs A. Luri, Miss P. Woodhouse

Year 6

Mrs F. McGrath -Class 6M Teacher (Whole School Maths Lead)
Miss S. Long – Class 6L Teacher (Whole SchoolEnglish Lead)                                                                                                                                           Mrs Carter- Part-time Y6 teacher (Assistant Headteacher)
Teaching Assistants – Miss F. Langford Jackson, Mrs M. Hardy, Mrs K. Power, Mrs D. Stewart

Additional Staff

Mrs M. Mangan P.E. Leader
Mrs T. Kelleher  Learning Mentor
Mr T. Kavanagh  Sports Coaching
Miss C. Allery  Whole School Computing and Online Safety Lead
Mrs L. Krasnic  Dance Teacher


Mrs V. McMillan KS2 Music Lead)
Mr K. Abbs
Miss H. Cale
Mrs P. Fewster

Admin, Catering and Site Staff

Infant and Nursery School


Mrs C. Whyte School Business Manager

Mrs A. McLeary  Office manager

Catering Staff

A. Pablo Valentin  Cook
A. Vanegas  Assistant Cook
M. Umana Nash  Kitchen Assistant
N. Louzouaz  Kitchen Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs P. Hudson  Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs J. Clements
Mrs J. James
Mrs U. Madine
Miss D. Mitchell
Mrs C. Mulhern
Mrs J. Freitas
Miss T. Zengin

Site Staff

Mr. P. McAvoy  Caretaker

Admin, Catering and Site Staff

Junior School


Mrs C. Whyte  School Business Manager  

Mrs M. Johnson  Administrator

Mrs V. Haughton  Part- time Administration Assistant

Site staff

Mr P. McEvoy  Caretaker

Catering Staff

Mrs T. Doku-Ntaimoah  Cook
Mrs A. Sita  Kitchen Assistant
Miss R. Chude  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs F. Ando  Kitchen Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Ms S. Marshall Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs R. La’Val  Midday Supervisor
Mrs K. Adkin  Midday Supervisor
Mrs M. Mullings  Midday Supervisor
Miss P. Woodhouse  Midday Supervisor
Mrs A. Luri  Midday Supervisor
Mrs J. Cox  Midday Supervisor