From September 2017
Name Type Date Appointed Appointed by Committees served on Positions of Responsibility
Margaret Bailey F 01.08.16 Diocese A,C,E Admissions, Mathematics
Darren Byrne LA 01.09.15 LA H, P, R, S Data / Finance, NACE
Fr. James Clark F 17.09.2016 Diocese C, E Religious Education,      EDR Chair
Miranda Curran Parent 06.10.2016 Elected C, R PTA, Transitions, Website
Lorna Forbes F 19.07.2016 Diocese E, PA, R Sports Grant Communication & Parental Engagement
Amanda Glean-Mbuyi F 01.09.15 Diocese A, C, H, PA, S Vice Chair of Governors Early Years, Admissions, Governor Training, Curriculum Chair
Kathleen Guest  F   01.09.15  Diocese  A, E, P, R, S, H Chair of Governors, Safeguarding,HR, SEND /Interventions, Children Looked After
Gabriella Isamah-Opene F(Parent) 19.08.16  Diocese E, R  Health and Well-Being
Jon White F(Parent) 19.04.16 Diocese PA, R, S Vice Chair of Governors, Pupil Premium Grant
Resources Chair
Varlie Zukowska P 01.11.13 Elected C, P, R, S H&S
Tammy Lawlor HT 01.09.11 Position A Headteacher,            Strategy Chair
Appointment Pending Staff
Lisa Kelly A GB  C, E, R, S Deputy Head Teacher
Natalie Carter A GB C, E Assistant Head Teacher
Valerie McMillan A GB E, R  Policy Proof Reader,             History of the School
Bernard Tomkins* Associate Member GB S National Leader of Governance
Sarah Farncombe** Clerk GB Clerk to Governors

Declaration of Interest

*Bernard Tomkins – National Leader of Governance and Chair of Governors at St Mary’s RC High School, Croydon and St Mary’s Infant School, Sutton.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        **Sarah Farncombe provides a Clerking Service to St Mary’s RC High School, Croydon and schools in the London Borough of Sutton.

Collaboration in place with St Chad’s Primary School for Panel members.


Type of Governor: F = Foundation, LA = Local Authority, P = Parent, S = Staff, A = Associate Member (Non Voting) HT Headteacher

Committees:  E = EDR, R = Resources, C = Curriculum, A = Admissions, S = Strategy, H = HT Performance Management, P = Pay, PA = Pay Appeal, CPM = Clerk Performance Management.

The GB was reconstituted 1/9/15.

All terms of office for Governors except HT are for 4 years. Associate members are non voting.

Contacting the Governing Body

In Writing

For the attention of the Clerk to Governors, St. Joseph’s Junior School Office,
London SE19 3NU


By Telephone

020 8653 7195
to request an appointment.


1 Staff Governor (Resignation received 25.09.2017)

Recent Resignations from the Governing Board

Name Type Date Appointed Appointed by Committees served on Positions of Responsibility
Suzanne Long Staff 01.09.14              Expires      31.08.18 Elected C,E, Eco-committee link,        English Lead, Pupil Voice


Committee Chairs and Meetings

Committee chair Meetings
Full Governing Board Kathleen Guest  4 a year
Curriculum Committee Amanda Glean-Mbuyi  1 a term
Ethos, Discipline and Relationships Committee (EDR) Fr James Clark  1 a term
Resources Committee (Finance, Human Resources, Premises) Jon White  1 a term as required
Strategy Committee Tamsyn Lawlor  As required