Federation of St. Joseph’s
Attendance and Registration Policy 2015-2018

Regular school attendance has always been important. Without it, the efforts of teachers and schools will come to nothing. Education provides a means of advancement for all young people. Pupils need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. Irregular attendance undermines the educational process and leads to educational disadvantage. It places children at risk and in some cases can result in pupils being drawn into patterns of anti-social behaviour.

It is the aim of the school to maximise attendance. The school recognises that for a small minority of families achieving regular attendance is an issue with which they will require support. Irregular attendance raises complex issues. Pupils may be failing to attend regularly for a variety of reasons. Some of these may be beyond the immediate control of the school but each school should actively pursue the goal of regular attendance; both in relation to individual pupils and for the student body as a whole.

Individual absences need to be carefully monitored and investigated. Pupils and parents should be left in no doubt that unjustified absences will not be tolerated.
Attendance Policy