Inspirational visit from Tosin & Dolapo Awoyinka

Dave NavarroAll Years

On Friday, 13th December we were fortunate to have identical twin brothers, Mr Tosin Awoyinka and Mr Dolapo Awoyinka, visit the school to work with children years 2 to 6, as well to see the children in nursery.

These young men have similar backgrounds to many in our community and through hard work, the support of their families and higher education, have found success as investment managers for multi-billion dollar private equity funds, Helios Investment Partners (investing in African businesses) and Coller Capital (secondaries investor, providing liquidity to other private equity firms).

After both achieving fantastic results in their GCSEs (all A* and A) and A-Levels (3 A’s each), they were the first black twin boys to study at Oxford University (Economics and Management) in 2006.

After graduation, they worked for several global investment banks and corporate finance firms in their Mergers & Acquisitions departments before moving to private equity as investors.

They also started their own company together, Motivimi, which provides valuable information about career prospects to students in their community.

They presented to the whole school and parents in the morning and they ran workshops throughout the day, and even shared a school lunch with our children. They gave them advice on presentation skills, developing self-confidence and aiming high as well as imparting business tips for our Enterprise projects.

They left us with the following messages:

  • Family first – your family is your greatest strength.
  • Education is important – some people may judge you based on your appearance but if you work hard and stay true to your values, you can achieve anything.
  • Work hard first, then you can play. There’s nothing wrong with having fun but after you have finished your work.
  • Be the best in everything you do. Always aim for 100% – you may not get there the first time, but with hard work, you will.
  • Be patient and polite, listen to your teachers and listen to your parents